Tennessee Valley poultry Club OfficersEddie Dunlap

Eddie (Cotton) Dunlap - PresidenT

After a several year hiatus, Eddie (Cotton) Dunlap reorganized and relaunched the Tennessee Valley Poultry Club, the home of the Dixie Classic. He was the major factor in the club managing to host both the ABA and the APA shortly after the club was reformed. Eddie has raised and shown poultry for many years. He is famous for his standard Black Langshans.

Harry House
Harry House- Vice President             

.Harry House began raising chickens as a 4H kid in Georgia.  After many years away from the hobby, he started his flock in Strawberry Plains.  His first chicks arrived via mail almost 8 years ago.  Harry now focuses on heritage breeds including Orpingtons, Welsummers, WFBS, Barnevelders, and Silver Campines.  To learn more about the fancy and become a better breeder, he has developed friendships with poultry breeders around the world.  He and his wife, Sharon, have been active members of the TVPC for the last 5 years.  They have a flock of about 250 chickens.

patti brashears - Treasurer

Mrs. Brashears joined the TVPC in the fall of 2011 and has been treasurer since 2012. She grew up in Oak Ridge as a “city girl”, but knew in her heart she was supposed to be a “county girl”. So she found David, a great country boy, to marry and the rest is history. They live Patti Brashearson a 7 acre farm in Roane County and manage the old family farm of 106 acres just down the road. They have raised and shown horses, sheep, cattle, pigs and chickens. Oh, yes and 3 children - David 42, Heather 40, and Sydnee 20. All their children were active in 4-H with the older two being National Horse Project winners. The older two have been busy providing 6 wonderful grandchildren and Sydnee is finishing her junior year at the Savannah College of Art & Design. While they have cut down the number of species they are now raising, they still raise beef cattle and chickens. Her favorite breeds are Orpingtons, Giant Cochins, and Brahmas. She loves her “chicken” family and greeting all the exhibitors at the show during check-in.

cynthia walker - Club secretary and web adminCynthia Walker

Cynthia Walker was a member of the original TVPC in the late 80's and early 90's and has served as club Secretary since the reorganization in 2011. She was  just elected to another term. She is also serving as the current Web and FaceBook Admin. She is IT Administrator in the Plant Sciences Department at the University of Tennessee. Her favorite breeds are standard Partridge Cochins, Americaunas and Silkies. She is married to David Walker of Karns, a retired Plant Sciences employee and they have a daughter, Celinda.

meghan atchley - youth directorMeghan Atchley

Meghan Atchley served as unnofficial assistant youth director last year and was recently elected to the position of
Youth Director. She and her son Lane raise Langshans, Pekin heavy ducks, bantam call ducks and silkies.

Alex Coffey - assistant youth directorAlex Coffey

Alex Coffey is serving his first term as Assistant Youth Director.