what do you need to know about the ABA/dixie classic?

The 2017 Dixie Classic and American Bantam Association National will be held Saturday, December 2 - Sunday, December 3rd in the Jacobs Building at Chilhowee Park, Knoxville, Tennessee.
Address - 3301 E. Magnolia Avenue
Knoxville, TN. 37914

Entry Fees - $4.00 per bird

Contact - Eddie Dunlap (865-742-5525), Harry House (865-898-7706)  or Meghan Atchley (865-441-6110)

If you are having problems with PayPal in the online entry form, don't worry. Go ahead and submit your entry and we will send you a PayPal invoice that will allow you to pay. Thanks for your understanding!


National Meets
Wyandotte Breeder Club of America
Serama USA Club Table Top National
American Sussex Association
Eastern Modern Bantam Club
Ko Shamo Society
Belgian D'Anver (Catalog-Awards)
Polish Breeders Club
American Sumatra Association
International Cornish Breeders Association
Rosecomb Bantam Federation (Catalog)
Eastern Dutch National

District Meets
Marans USA (will also be an egg competition)
American Buckeye Poultry Club
Old English

State Meets
Rhode Island Reds

Special Meet
Cochin International


Jeff Halbach
Brian Knox
Terry Britt
Rick Hare
Troy LaRoche
Chris Hawes
Kyle Tripp
Ben Porter - Youth
Danny Padgett - Youth
Bill Henderson - Pigeons


jacob's building show hall

The Jacob's building at Chilhowee Park has proved to be an excellent facility for our show!

Jacob's Building Show Hall        Show Hall




Best Wheaten Ko Shamo - $100, Reserve Wheaten Ko Shamo - $75, Best Display Wheaten Ko Shamo - $50, Best Non-Standard Ko Shamo - $25. Donated by Suzann Chung of the Ko Shamo Society of the US. Dixie Classic Awards - ABA Awards

Juniors - There will be several, special, judges choice "Cool Chicken" and "Cool Pigeon" awards in the junior show!


You can reserve a 10 x 10 space as a vendor booth for $150.00. That fee will be reduced if you agree to donate some of your product to the auction for our youth program. A 10 x 10 area for sale birds will cost $75.00 and you must provide your own coops. Contact info is Meghan Atchley (865-441-6110) Current vendors below.

2016 Dixie Classic Vendor List:
Aunt Pearlie's Farms


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